Album Review: Phil Manzanera and Anna Le – Nth Entities

I’m the first to admit it: I generally don’t “get” poetry. I appreciate good lyrics, but as often as not my attention is drawn more to the sound and texture of vocals in music than to what’s being sung about. So it was with some trepidation that I received an advance of Nth Entities. True,

Album Review: Phil Manzanera – Diamond Head

When, in 1975, Phil Manzanera put together his debut solo LP Diamond Head, fans of Roxy Music already expected something special. The versatile guitarist was already well-known for his highly textured guitar work. For the record he enlisted the aid of a number of talented friends: Brian Eno (ex-Roxy Music), John Wetton (King Crimson, Family),

Album Review: Phil Manzanera – The Music 1972-2008

Guitarist Phil Manzanera is one of those characters to which one can rightly apply the phrase “musician’s musician.” Never one to crave — much less hog — the spotlight, Manzanera has nonetheless built an impressive body of work since his professional debut in 1972. Through his work with Roxy Music and 801, his solo projects,

Give it a Whirl: Split Enz’s ‘Frenzy’ at 40

A skewed art-pop band greatly influenced by Roxy Music and Skyhooks, today Split Enz is remembered chiefly as the group that featured Neil Finn, later of Crowded House (and currently of Fleetwood Mac, of all things). That’s a criminal oversight; coming from New Zealand and Australia, Split Enz made some of the most intriguing music

Hundred-word Reviews for May 2018

There’s so much great new music that it’s difficult to keep up with it all. I’m here to help, but it’s tough for me to keep pace as well. To streamline things a bit, I do these occasional blocks of brief reviews, limiting myself to 100 words for each. Think of it as the music

Album Reviews: Brand X — Is There Anything About? / Missing Period / Live at the Roxy L.A.

It’s a popular (and not wholly inaccurate) contention that Phil Collins did his best work with Genesis in the immediate years after Peter Gabriel left, and then – around the release of ABACAB, headed for the ditch creatively. Of course the commercial approach reaped rewards in terms of album sales; once Genesis quite being challenging

Album Review: Jack Bruce — Silver Rails

Let us consider for a few moments the current conditions of the three musicians formerly of Cream. Drummer Ginger Baker has made a career out of being disagreeable (see the film Beware of Mr Baker for proof). Guitarist Eric Clapton still tours, records and performs, but the fire has seemingly long ago gone out. But

Album Review: Curved Air – Airwaves

Not to take anything away from the impressive achievements of The Police (their dubious 21st century reunion notwithstanding), but it’s long been a source of some amusement among rock historians to point out the band’s pedigree. Though they were (and remain) darlings of the so-called new wave movement of the late 1970s and early 80s,

Capsule Reviews: January 2013, Part 6

Here’s the final — for now — of four installments in my occasional series of capsule reviews; you’ll find rock, blue-eyed soul, fusion and breezy SoCal pop. I had a huge stack of CDs deserving of review, but time doesn’t allow for full-length reviews of everything, and these were beginning to gather dust. They deserve

Coming Attractions

Between day-job commitments, (happy) personal matters, and blog-related travel, these are busy days at Musoscribe World Headquarters. My goal is to deliver fresh, new content – usually 500-1000 words – every business day. And for more than three years going, I’ve kept to that goal nearly every day. Every rare so-often, however, I just don’t