In Memoriam

The inevitable nature of focusing upon the rock era means that I find myself interviewing artists who eventually leave us. Here’s a list – and of course it will grow going forward – of music figures who have passed away in the days, months and years since I spoke with them. Keith Allison Bill Bartolin

Concert Review: J Mascis, Asheville NC, Septermber 28 2014

A Guest Feature by Annelise Kopp J Mascis is the loudest acoustic show I’ve ever seen. During his September 28, 2014 show at Asheville NC’s Grey Eagle, J was seated onstage with two guitars nearby, and surrounded by three large guitar amplifiers. By his side were two large bottles of coconut water. For nearly the

Cody ChesnuTT: Everybody’s Brother

by Special Guest Blogger Annelise Kopp Though hailed in some quarters, Cody ChestnuTT‘s debut album, Headphone Masterpiece, received mixed reviews, some unforgiving. While critics seemed to agree that the R&B/neo-soul artist possesses an incredible singing voice, some harped on what they saw as the inconsistent quality of the album. Rob Mitchum, writing for Pitchfork, decried

Feature Preview: Cody ChesnuTT

Last week I enjoyed the rare pleasure of seeing Cody ChesnuTT in concert, at Asheville’s Grey Eagle. A few weeks ago, when the opportunity to interview him in advance of the Asheville date presented itself, I found myself unable to do the interview, owing to a schedule conflict. Luckily, my daughter Annelise (also a writer

All the Interviews (A-Z)

If, like some of my readers, you’re primarily interested in reading my interviews, features and conversations, then you may find the list below useful. It’s a complete (updated when I remember) index of all my published interviews. Right now there are just under 1000 here. 1964 The Tribute / Mark Benson 50 Shades! The Musical

Margaret Cho: More Honesty in Her Comedy Than Anywhere Else

by Annelise Kopp, Guest Blogger “Always in the midst of comedy,” Margaret Cho believes that the art hinges on writing and delivery, saying “there’s not really one without the other.” She also values the different formats that comedy is taking: “there’s a lot of great stuff happening online.” In late January 2013, Margaret played back-to-back

Guest Blog: An Interview with Tom Gabel of Against Me!

In the interest of full disclosure, I should note that this is a feature written by my daughter Annelise Kopp, based on her 2007 interview with Tom Gabel. The feature originally appeared in the now-long-defunct Skope Magazine. With Gabel finding himself back in the news, I figured now was the time to pull this one

Album Review: Tomahawk — Anonymous

Guest Review by Annelise Kopp I’d call this more of a science experiment than an art project. Tomahawk’s release, Anonymous, aimed at adding an edge to cultural Native American hymns, simply ends up sounding like terrible sacrificial music. The attempt to renew the life of a genre or recognize an oft-unappreciated culture is admirable. While

Album Review: Redman — Red Gone Wild

Guest Review by Annelise Kopp This is such a quintessential gangsta rap that it veers close to self-parody. Redman’s new album, Red Gone Wild, is fairly bland. This 23 track album has about five tracks worth of substance. The beats are unoriginal, the lyrics are meaningless, and if you start waiting for the interesting part

Album Review: Readnex Poetry Squad – Social Issue

Guest review by Annelise Kopp Social Issue is a collage piecing together different sounds, issues, words, and allusions. The album is very in touch with history, and has an educated basis. I was first given hope by the subtitle “poetry squad” on this album. To me, this signaled an emphasis on lyrics. I was proven