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Note to Artists, Labels and PR reps: Your CDs for potential review are welcomed and encouraged. I’m already on the mailing lists for many of the major PR reps (you know who you are). If I’m not on your list, please feel free to add me. My tastes run decidedly toward the rock end of the musical spectrum, so if you (or your clients) are a “boy band,” metal outfit, sensitive acoustic singer/songwriter, run-of-the-mill hip-hop artist, act called “so-and-so feat. so-and-so” or mainstream C&W performer, save your stamp, as it were.

I’m keenly interested in reissues (rock, jazz, soul, blues, r&b, etc.) and previously-unreleased archival material of cultural/historical interest; if you have any of that sort of thing that you’re promoting, PLEASE get in touch. Extensive and enthusiastic coverage is likely; see here for a typical example.

And please note that I strongly prefer music I can hold in my hand. CDs and vinyl are strongly preferred. MP3 is okay, but if you made a movie, would you want me watching it on my Zune? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

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One Response to “Contact the Author”

  1. Ulli Pfau says:

    Bill, thanks for the Ellington review and your kind words!
    I’m still looking for “Kraturock” in Germany for you.
    If you send me a list, I’m happy to find something :-)
    All Best